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Sumac Health and Wellness is a multi-tier support system where leaders and their families can receive spiritual, physical, emotional, and relational restoration. This is achieved through a unique experience designed to decompress individuals from the many stresses of leadership and burnout.  


Sumac Health and Wellness utilizes licensed clinicians, nutritionists, farmers and art specialists in creating clarity toward purpose and passion. Our goal is to help individuals reach their full potential in life and family, while laying a roadmap for their legacy.  


"Re-examine all that you have been told ... dismiss that which insults your soul."

Walt Whitman



Our Services

Teaching you to dance to the rhythms of life.
— Anonymous

Choreographed sabbaticals

The goal of the Choreographed Sabbatical is toward holistic wellness, which encompasses the full recreative needs of the leader. We pay attention to the "Whole Person." In doing so, we bring balance and rhythm to lives and relationships. 

A critical starting point for working with any family is to make an assessment of the family system. Some of the tiers within this system include: family values, family expectations, family messages and family decision making. 

Rhythm Coaching

Removing individuals and families from their environments can allow for an introduction into a life of rhythm. We reintroduce individuals and families to their roots. We kindle communication across generations. This re-integration stimulates creative insight. All on the road to a sense of purpose ... one individual ... on life at a time. 

Life management counseling

We believe the best method to achieve true health is to address Body, Soul and Spirit. Life tends to spiral out of control when one or more areas of our being gets out of balance. 

Our program involves 21 hours per week of personal counseling, coaching, spiritual healing, and a refreshed nutritional understanding on how diet effects our stress levels.

Continued strategic support

Each clinician will provide an appropriate blend of on- and off-site support to ensure healthy reentry into realistic daily routine. Clients should feel as though they are supported in building a sustainable life of clarity, motivation and stability. 


"Re-examine all that you have been told ... dismiss that which insults your soul."

Walt Whitman



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"The purpose of life, after all, is to love it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly for newer and richer Experiences."

Elanor roosevelt



Support for this unique service

I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.
— Maya Angelou

Every dollar of your donation will be dedicated to helping leaders and their families to live to the fullest and cope with extreme challenges.

We accomplish this by creating a family atmosphere that focuses on a holistic approach to living. THis is accomplished through a community that promotes self-respect, independence, and improves the quality of life for all individuals and families.


"Life is a great big canvas; throw all the paint you can at it."

Danny Kaye



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Although we have locations in Minnesota and Georgia, we serve clients from around the world. 

To discuss your private questions and requests, kindly connect at any time.


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